by Marge

                   WHO/WHAT IS A DIGITAL DOWSER

I suppose any dowser who communicates via the Internet can be called a digital dowser, but I refer here specifically to those who participate in the e-mail group called Digital Dowsers, a chartered chapter of ASD. The Chapter has suffered a few bumps along the way since its inception about four years ago, but right now its up and running and really alive with a wonderful group of folks from all over the world.  Some post a lot and some only post once in a while (like yours truly).  Others never say anything and they are called lurkers. But that’s alright because they are there learning and growing and contributing to the wonderful mix of energy that is the entire group.

I have been particularly impressed with the high level of learning made possible through their in depth discussions.  And then, in the next breath, there is a bit of fun, laughter and camaraderie to lighten things up a bit.  Information sharing is generous and gracious. Usually, when a question in asked, it begins a  “thread” (subject for discussion).  Almost without fail, some answer to that question will lead to another “thread” and so it goes.  For example:

Subject line - Mind of Its Own - Weird Answers

Rem wrote - “Do you ever find yourself reprogramming your dowsing tools after having used them for a while because of a quirk?  I recently was getting some weird answers from my pendulum and discovered it would go to the yes position and if I was in a hurry, I accepted that as a ‘yes,’ but in trying to figure out weird responses,  found it would sometimes continue past yes, and if I waited long enough it would finally settle at no.”

Janey - “When I get ‘weird answers’ from my pendulum, it usually means that (1) it was a lousy question, or (2) that the answer is incomplete and I have to ask more questions in order to get something that’s really usable.  My most memorable learning experience on that subject was the time I asked my pendulum if I’d get to the gas station (my car was acting peculiar).  I got a ‘weird’ answer’ from my pendulum, but I took it as a yes and the car DID get to the gas station, but on the back of a tow truck.  I now pay a lot of attention to ‘weird answers’ because it usually turns out that the Universe has something more to say.”

Warren - “My last experience like this was in a class at the last West Coast Conference.  We were being taught to map-dowse for oil, and my pendulum started acting all different.  After a bit I quit fighting with it (conscious vs unconscious mind/spirit) and just let it show me.  The pendulum’s new behavior seemed to be a better method of feedback for this application than was the old programming.  Normally we tend to think of programming as being input from our conscious mind into our subconscious, but it seems that the programming process can also function in the reverse direction.”

Nigel -“ It could be that you are developing a new response.  For example, I have the unusual ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses.  Then there’s the stupid question’ response.  Finally, over the last few months, I’ve noticed a refinement of that one creeping in.  After initial bewilderment, I finally realized that it was a way of saying ‘there’s a better question you should ask first.’  For example.  I might have asked something like ‘Is this the correct method of dealing with X?’  I get the last response and work out that I should be asking something like, ‘Should I become involved in X?’ or ‘Am I the right person to do this?’”

Mary Marie - “I find that when my pendulum does something other than yes or no, it is my inner self trying to get my attention.  Either it needs more information or I’m not asking the right question or it does not understand the question or instruction.  It can be almost anything but I always pay attention and try to find out what my inner self is trying to tell me.”

John - “Because of the problem of the planetoid connection, I teach my students to use the to and fro swing for yes and the side to side for no.

Brian - Can you explain what you mean by planetoid connection.?  I always use cw for yes and ccw for no, but have sometimes run into problems by getting ovals, very small circles or other erratic movements.  Is there something else affecting the pendulum other than me?”

John - “Bill Rudge**, from Stuart, Florida has a small book that explains that if you are dowsing and using the clockwise and counter clockwise method for yes and no, that sometimes in the position that you are standing in relationship to true north, you might get wrong answers.  I demonstrate this in my classes.  I will start out facing northwest and as I slowly turn toward the northeast while I am saying, “My name is John Van Drie” repeating this phrase again and again forcing my pendulum to swing in a clockwise manner. When I get to my planetoid connection (the planet that I came from), the pendulum will stop and reverse to counter-clockwise all the time that I am saying my name is John Van Drie.  Doing the same for the to and fro method for yes and side to side for no, there is no change in the answer that I get when I get to my northeast position.  Since everyone’s connection can be different, you can check your position doing the pendulum method or rubbing your hands together for a few minutes and then stretch out your arms with your palms up and slowly turn in a circle.  When you feel a tingling in your right receiving hand, you have discovered your connection.  It is kind of neat to find this position, since you can be anywhere and stand or sit in that direction, hold your right palm up and get energized by the Universe,”  **Bill Rudge is founder of Inner Space Explorations.  His e-mail address is

Joyous -“Thanks, John, that’s really neat!  I may be pretty quiet, but I am learning sooo much from this list, and I really appreciate all of you!”

Frank -“That planetoid concept was intriguing, but I thought our left hand, on our Yin side, was the receiving hand.  A number of other modalities teach that the left is the receive side.  On a similar note, we might also have energetic predispositions to North or South or other terrestrial energies that interfere with our compensation mechanism for the Coriolis Effect.  This might play a part in some eccentric orbits that pendulums exhibit, although I haven’t really looked into it.”

Creeksong - “My receiving hand is my left one.  Somehow I just “know” this.  And my yes is ccw with a pendulum.  (It showed me, so I accepted that.)  So the question comes to mind whether this giving hand/receiving hand is cultural or personal. (Perhaps both?)  In India everyone wipes their bottom with their left hand and are trained to only touch other people with their right hand...cultural.  But I am having to consider that people have different polarities and that we maybe aren’t all the same regarding our giving and receiving hand.

Eileen - “Everything I’ve read agrees with your assumption.  The left hand is the negative polarity (receiving) and the right is positive polarity (sending).”

Elise - “ Bevy Jaegers** says that if you are right handed, the receptive hand is the left one, and vice-versa.  She says you can feel the energy on the receptive palm, by running your fingers a few inches away from your receptive palm at a perpendicular angle, not touching the palm of course, just a few inches away...this is the beginning step in her course work on developing psychic abilities.  Then that hand you use for getting information off of objects—reading cards is a beginning step...”  **Bevy Jaegers book and web site are most helpful

John - “I was incorrect in my explanation.  The right hand is the receiving hand down under as explained in a recent e-mail from Australia.  My left hand is my receiving hand as well as many other people in the northern hemisphere.  When I do my meditations starting a class, I have all of the attendees hold hands with the left hand up and the right hand down.  Sorry for giving you the wrong info.”

sas - “The hand and finger chakras of both hands are capable of receiving and  sending...for right handed people the left/receive...right send is usually the easiest...most comfortable...but both hands are capable of both...I use hand scanning in my work and have been for 20+ hands are sensitized through practice...I can also receive through both at the same time...or send through in stopping a dog about to collide with a car...  From “pranic healing by choa kok sui...   “There are two very important chakras located at the center of  each palm.  these chakras are called the left hand chakra and the right hand chakra.  they are usually about one inch in diameter.  some pranic healers have hand chakras as big as two inches or more in diameter. although the hand chakras are considered as minor chakras, they have very important functions in pranic healing. It is through the hand chakras that prana is absorbed from the surroundings and projected to the patient.  Both the right  and left hand chakras are capable of absorbing and projecting prana or ki (chi).  But for right handed persons, it is easier to absorb through the left hand chakra and project through the right and vice versa for left handed people.”

Creeksong - “ I agree totally with everything you say.  Both of my hands are sensitized also and I channel Reiki energy with both hands. But, yes, when thinking about polarity, it is easy to think of it this way. Thanks for pointing this out.”

Joe - “Either hand can be used to send or receive it need be by just your intent to do so.  Your right is your normal sending hand and the left is for receiving, normally.  But there are places where you need to reverse that order.  Now while I’m on a roll; pendulum movements for me as I interpret them; Yes, back and forth unless it is a conditional yes, then I get a clockwise oval if it is leaning strongly to the yes side, counterclockwise oval if the yes is weaker.  The same with the no answer, black and white NO is a crosswise.  You have to realize that all the answers can’t be answered with a solid yes or no, hence the ovals that Rem was getting.  The question he asked couldn’t be answered with a straight yes or no.”

Denis - “ Warren, you didn’t tell us the rest of the story.  Did you stick with this new programming for dowsing in general, or was it just for oil dowsing?  Where does it come from?”

Warren - “OK, here is more info.  The programming I normally use (without a chart) is similar to that taught by Walt Woods in “Letter to Robin.” i.e.  ‘Ready = diagonal movement, ‘Yes’ = left/right movement, ‘No’ = forward/back movement.  When I ask a question, the pendulum responds by moving from Ready to Yes or No, then back to Ready.  When map-dowsing for oil, the pendulum “chose” instead to make a ccw rotation.  As I moved the pendulum over the map its movement varied from no movement at all to rotating rapidly in a nearly horizontal plane. When moving around on the map, I found that over any particular point on the map the pendulum would consistently change to a particular rotational rate which corresponded with that point.  What I learned is that the pendulum would rotate rapidly over a rich source of oil, standstill over an area with no oil, and show gradations  in between.  In this way I got continuous dynamic feedback as the pendulum was moved over the map and so was able to delineate the presence of 2 oil fields on the map.  I believe this new pendulum behavior, so it seems that this new behavior was directed via my subconscious spiritual self or guides. I am glad for this guidance.  In recent years there seems to be an increasing number of instances where ‘someone’ redirects me, and they have been most helpful.  John, I expect you, among others, relate to this especially well.”

Joe -  “Like Warren says, the pendulum showed him the signal for oil. This ‘mind of it’s own’ is true.  You can set up your basic dowsing program but watch what your pendulum is trying to show you.  Ask your pendulum what signal would be right for oil, or whatever you are dowsing.  When I am map drowsing for oil, I will get a cw circle in the zone, counter cw in the areas that have gas.  These signals just showed up and I have been using them since.  The pendulum will do everything but talk out loud.  You just have to “listen” to what it is saying, so to speak.”

Nigel - “Rem, not sure if I should blame you, but since this thread started, I have now developed a new response when dowsing using my fingers!  Normally, it’s a straight forward ‘sticky’ feel for yes when rubbing thumb and forefinger and a smooth slide for no.  Now I’ve got sticky at front of finger pad, smooth elsewhere and another which is sticky at back and smooth elsewhere.  Apparently they mean different things, but I don’t know what (yet!!)  Yeah!  What the heck, I will blame you (for now).”

Rem - “A whopping big thank you to all who responded to my quirky pendulum question.  According to you guys the sky’s the limit, or rather....there is no limit except our lower selves inability to access and understand.  How did we ever get so far from this knowledge? I’m sure my pastor would say it had to do with apples”   Bless you all for sharing so freely.”

Eileen - “May I add one thought here about our limits - I underlined the part about our inability to understand and access.  I don’t think this is the major part of the problem, but it is to some extent.  I think we’re a lot smarter than we give ourselves credit for.  We’ve been led to believe we need the externals society provides in order to survive, and we’ve been told how to get them.  I know I’ve been seriously looking for answers for approximately 13 years, and in looking back I think the thing that has held me back the most is my lack of belief in myself and in the things God has given us to use.  We’ve been brought up (at least most of us) in a society that denies the abilities we discuss on this list to the extent that we have gotten “far from this knowledge” as you say.  So, it’s my belief that a group such as ours is really doing its homework in a very serious way­catching up and making up for lost time. We’re not buying into the party line anymore, and I say Bravo to the DD’ers of the world.  We’ve got a lot to give.”

Well, this has certainly turned out to be more than a TIDBIT.  My original intent was just to condense some of the discussion to give you all an idea of what takes place in our cyberspace Chapter.  Once I got started, there was just nowhere  I could go to cut or omit one contribution without sensing an energy loss or disruption in the flow.  After agonizing for a while, I knew it had to be all or nothing - and all won out.  Being on the list is like having a dowsers encyclopedia at your fingertips.  If you have a question, just ask - you now have a sample of the kind of response you will get.  Other recent threads have covered; the power of thought and intent, auric fields, diverting water, labyrinths, rock auras, healing modalities, and, most recently, how to ask the proper questions for help in identifying unmarked items in a freezer.  The group had a lot of fun with this one but did come up with some helpful suggestions. In addition,  there are the requests for help in finding lost items and missing persons and animals along with many requests for healing prayers and energies.

I highly recommend that you join ‘the list’ if only for long enough to experience it for yourselves.  Just think, a chapter that meets 24 hours a day, no dues, no donations, no fees of any kind with dowsers from all over the world who specialize in different facets of dowsing and are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you. And, of course, you will have the opportunity of sharing your experiences with them and comparing notes.  It works both ways.  There are times when you may get swamped with mail but other times when you wish someone would send a message.  I t’s always your decision whether to stick around and talk, or just to listen, or even to ignore (the delete button takes care of that.)  I guess by now you know how I feel about it.